24 August 2007

We (sort of) made it

Wednesday was the first day of school for the (three) big kids. Olivia had been one of the littles up to that point. Now I am down to just one little. Just don't call him that, though. :)

As sad as I thought I would be, William was more upset. I had to go to Lawrence's office that day so William had to go to a sitter. He and I left the house before the others went to school. To say he was not happy with the whole situation would be an understatement. He cried most of the way there and attached himself to me when I tried to drop him off. At some point after he had begun to settle down, he told one of the workers to leave him alone because he was not a baby and didn’t need to be there, he should be in school. When naptime was over, he looked at the other children there and, since they weren't his family, he went over to a corner and went back to sleep, waking up a few minutes before I picked him up. Let me tell you, that five hour nap made for an interesting evening.

Lawrence took the older three to school -- even though we are on the bus route, he enjoys those few minutes of drive time with the children -- and called me to say that even though she said she was excited, Olivia had a deer-in-the-headlights look about her. We went out for dinner that evening to celebrate her first day and heard about some of the friends she made and a little bit about what she had done. She seems to be following in Allan’s footsteps because we can never get details from him either. Marie, as usual, was very forthcoming about what she had done and told us she was happy to see some old friends and to start a new writing journal.

As we did good night hugs and kisses that night, I asked each one what was the best part of the day. Olivia said it was playing. Marie said it was her journal. Allan said it was coming home. If I had asked him, I'm sure William would have agreed with his brother.

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