28 April 2008


I bought this at a Bob Evans while we were on vacation. When I saw it I thought of Margaret. I had to share it today because of her post.

Manly, yes -- not sure I'd like it too

Mandles video

I can think of several husbands (mine included) who would rather burn Mandles than "Golden Spice Pear and Seaside Holiday." However, we are in one of the over 50 areas in which this offer is not valid :)

Hat tip: Rachel

07 April 2008

Blogging problem?

Last week Carolina Cannonball had a post about knowing when you have a blogging problem. I commented that you also know you have a blogging problem when you tell people you will be spending your vacation halfway between Bonfire of the Vanities and Pro Ecclesia.

So guess where I am? Yep, halfway between Bonfire of the Vanities and Pro Ecclesia.

I should have some interesting pictures to post later of the drive up here. The kids had control of the camera while I was driving so I am looking forward to downloading everything that caught their interest -- especially based on some of the conversations going on at the same time as the camera clicks.

Saturday we made it to Columbus and yesterday we went to COSI with the cousins. I took pictures there and will share some of those soon -- if I can ever get them uploaded to the laptop! Today, to quote the TomTom, we have reached our destination. Tomorrow we might be here during the day but tomorrow night the kids will be glad to see their great-grandparents.

So what about you? How would you complete the sentence?

You might have a blogging problem if . . .