29 June 2007

Contest and free sample

As part of the July 4th Giveaway, 5 Minutes for Mom is offering two sets of Memory Cross cards. These look like a fun way to learn Bible verses. If you go to Memory Cross's website, they are offering a limited supply of free samples. And free is always good.

27 June 2007

Posts for 27 June 2007

July 4th Giveaway

Some views around our neck of the woods

July 4th Giveaway

The wonderful women at 5 Minutes for Mom are at it again. They are having multiple giveaway sign ups for a July 4th Giveaway. Offered so far are an ice cream maker and bowls, a custom swimsuit from Lands End, Momager calling cards, a weekend at Motherhood Redefined, and a Metrowrap from Metromamma.

Check it out and sign up for a chance to win some great stuff. And don't forget to go back every day to see what else they offer.

Some views around our neck of the woods

It's been a little while since my last post, so I thought I would share a few thousand words with you. Here are some of the sights we have seen this month.

Earlier this month two hot air balloons went over so low the children thought they were going to land in the yard.

Above is one my rosebushes. Jackson & Perkins calls it About Face.

Below is my hydrangea bush.

A Carolina wren. The wrens have been building nests in lots of interesting places -- including our grill.

Thistle and thistle with a tiger swallowtail.

A young garter snake. We have caught glimpses of his older and larger relatives as well.

One of the snapdragons we planted this year.

Our Lady of Guadalupe -- another Jackson & Perkins rose. It is usually the one that blooms first and is still blooming at Thanksgiving.

A rabbit (obviously).

08 June 2007

Let's celebrate some more

Today is Danielle's birthday!

Danielle is the mother of eight children. Hers is the first blog I ever read and I check it every day to see what she has to share next. She has shared her wisdom -- and she is wise beyond her years; she has shared the joy and laughter of her children and quite a few very tasty recipes. Danielle is one of the bloggers I wish lived just down the road because she seems like she would be a great friend and neighbor.

Danielle is a published author and Senior Editor of Faith & Family magazine. If I'm lucky maybe someone will buy me a either (or both) of her books in time for my birthday later this summer. (And, yes, that was a very blatant hint!)

And what would she like for her birthday this year? Donations to Saint Gianna Maternity Home. Danielle is hosting a fundraiser/raffle on her site. So far over $4,000 has been raised.

05 June 2007


One of my favorite bloggers is celebrating her birthday today. She is in her third trimester and looks great. If you have a minute to spare, check Rachel's blog and wish her a happy birthday.

04 June 2007


All this week Nan at Life is Like a Lunchbox will be hosting Apronpalooza, a giveaway of aprons (and who doesn't want an apron? They are making a comeback, you know). The number one rule: "You may enter each contest only ONCE. You can however beg your husband and relatives to enter to win also but they must do so through another computer. Please be honest and only enter once." There will be multiple contests per day, so check them out.