18 September 2007

My favorite posts

We all write things that we like but then they disappear into our archive. This post, which I will add to occasionally, will be linked to my sidebar.

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You don't have to have a lump to have breast cancer

17 September 2007

Mom's Turn

Mail Mom came up with a wonderful idea -- a blog to which you can post anonymously those things you can't post on your own. Having issues with friends, relatives, co-workers and need to get it off your chest but can't because they are regular visitors to your site? Visit Mom's Turn.

"For most of us, we began our blogging experience with one, two or both of the following goals in mind:

1. As an outlet to vent our frustrations of motherhood, womanhood, and adulthood.
2. To chronicle the everyday life, as well as the milestones and special memories, of our children as so we never forget.

As our blogs grow in popularity, not only strangers (now our "blogger" buddies), but our family and close friends have begun reading and commenting. It is no longer possible to really vent about the things we want and need to in order to maintain some balance of sanity.

We don't want to offend a friend, insult a teacher, embarrass our children or start a family feud ... so we don't write about some of the things we are feeling. We just sit and wonder why we don't feel we have the freedom to write and say what we want on our own blog. Well, guess what? It's our turn. MOM'S TURN ... to let it all out."

Read the rest here.

08 September 2007

Scripture for children

A devotional I received in my E-mail today told about a mom, Kim Norton, whose daughter had Cerebral Palsy and a form of autism. She also had a new baby and didn't know how she was going to tell her children about Jesus. She prayed about it and the answer was to sing scripture.

Kim Norton's website, The Kingdom Kidz Club, explains it well:

The Kingdom Kidz Club is, in part, the answer to the dilemma of how to spiritually nourish stressed-out, time-challenged families.

We all remember songs -- including some that we don't want to -- after we hear them enough. Take time to explore Kim's site and make sure you watch the video and listen to the audioclips. You will be singing along before you know it. And these songs are worth remembering.