27 June 2007

Some views around our neck of the woods

It's been a little while since my last post, so I thought I would share a few thousand words with you. Here are some of the sights we have seen this month.

Earlier this month two hot air balloons went over so low the children thought they were going to land in the yard.

Above is one my rosebushes. Jackson & Perkins calls it About Face.

Below is my hydrangea bush.

A Carolina wren. The wrens have been building nests in lots of interesting places -- including our grill.

Thistle and thistle with a tiger swallowtail.

A young garter snake. We have caught glimpses of his older and larger relatives as well.

One of the snapdragons we planted this year.

Our Lady of Guadalupe -- another Jackson & Perkins rose. It is usually the one that blooms first and is still blooming at Thanksgiving.

A rabbit (obviously).

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