16 April 2007

A little bit about Cath

I am many things -- wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend -- and my posts will reflect that. I’m sure that most of my posts will be about my family because they are an integral part of my life. That being said, my husband, Lawrence, and I have four children: Allan, Marie, Olivia, and William. I, of course, think they are wonderful; this does not mean they are perfect little angels. Trust me, they have their moments. But then again, don’t we all?

I have always enjoyed writing. During my school days I would figure out what kind of writing my teachers liked and/or expected and I would write that way (and that wasn’t always easy). However, this is my blog with my thoughts, memories and stories so now I get to write for me!

I hope you will enjoy visiting me over the back fence.

UPDATED: These are not their real names.

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