27 April 2007

Favorite Things

Who can think of favorite things without thinking of the Rodgers & Hammerstein song that made the phrase? And, yes, the movie is one of my favorite things.

I was 18 or 19 before I ever saw The Sound of Music. It seems to be on television at least once a year now, but it wasn't regular programming when I was growing up. We have the DVD and the three older children have watched it with me. Marie saw a pamphlet for a local theater that will be hosting two showings of it later this year; we are hoping to go.

Movies like this are few and far between any more. There is no gratuitous sex, violence, or language. Instead The Sound of Music is a love story -- love of God, love of country, love of family, and, yes, the love that develops between a man and a woman. The Sound of Music is also a wonderful example of good versus evil with good winning out.

Today's popular movies -- including ones aimed at children -- are often rife with questionable language, gratuitous violence, and if not sex, then sexual innuendo. Now you can see why a classic movie with a great storyline that entertains and lifts your spirits is one of my favorite things.


Dana said...

You know, it may be hard for people to believe, but I have still never seen this movie.

I just saw Miracle on 34th Street this year, when my friend Melanie made me watch it. It was cute!!!

Cath said...

Dana, Dana, Dana, what am I going to do with you? :)

You are cordially ("Cordially?") invited to join Marie and I when it shows at the theater. Or you can borrow the DVD -- as soon as I find out where it was hidden to keep it safe from he who must watch (read scratch/destroy) all DVDs.

Please tell me Melanie made you watch the original Miracle on 34th Street and not the remake. Please.

Dana said...

Umm, I could tell you that . . .

but it would not be the truth. :)