02 May 2007

Conversation with a three year old

Ten minutes after I freaked out about a writhing mass of caterpillars on top of the stroller which was brought to me as I worked at my desk:

William: Mommy, the cadder pillars won't move anymore.
Me: They won't?
William: No. They're dead.
Me: They are?
William: Yea-yuh.
Me: How did that happen?
William: I didn't died them.
Me: You didn't?
William: Nope. I killed them with this boot.


justabeachkat said...


What a cute post! Isn't it great to blog? We can look back and have wonderful memories!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You're welcome any time. I enjoyed visiting yours today and will stop by another time.


Dana said...

I can see him doing that now!!

I'm glad the caterpillars are at your house. I can bring you some ladybugs to keep them company, if you like . . . .

Cath said...

Dana, You may bring the ladybugs -- I like them better. Also bring your boys so they can take a few (50 or so; we have PLENTY) caterpillars home with them.