04 May 2007

Autumn leaf fabric

This is a swatch of fabric from 1968. My oldest sister had picked it out and someone my mother knew made a dress for her. Someone else (I'm thinking my sister) made a dress for my Tippee Toes doll out of this. I haven't been able to find the doll dress; I'm afraid it was in storage and became a mouse nest with the rest of the doll things I had been saving to pass on to my daughters.

Somehow I fell heir to the last piece of the fabric. There is enough to make a pillow for the couch in my family room. I wish I could find some more of this -- at least enough to make a second pillow. Don't get me wrong though -- I am glad I have as much of it as I do. It brings back memories of my childhood and the sister who loved me enough to share her special fabric.

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