25 May 2007

Arrow of Light and crossing over

Tonight we went to a cook out. Not just any cook out, mind you; this was the Arrow of Light/crossing over cook out/camping trip for the second year Webelos Scouts. The Tigers were there, too. Some of the Boy Scouts supervised the Webelos in preparing food for their hobo dinners while others manned the grills to cook the food for the family members present.

After everyone had their fill of hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, pretzels, potato salad, and fruit salad, the Tigers crossed over to the rank of Wolf Cub Scouts. And then the four second year Webelos were given their patches and awards --especially their Arrow of Light patches -- and then they crossed over to be received into the Boy Scout troop.

Allan was the only first year Webelos and he was recognized and allowed to cross over to the rank of second year Webelos. (We live in a small community so our Pack will have to do a lot of recruiting over the summer.)

After the crossover ceremony, there were s’mores and skits. Finally around 10 o’clock I loaded the girls and William into the van to come home -- but the Scouts were still going strong! The enthusiasm of the Boy Scouts was a wonderful thing to see. They were polite to the parents and siblings of the Cub Scouts. These young men seem to represent all that is still good in our world.

By the way, the crossing over bridge at the top of the post -- it was made this week by my ever talented husband! I am so proud of him for his hard work!


tangerine girl said...

Good luck with Webelos II and earning The Arrow of Light. My 12 year old went through this two years ago and is currently a First Class Boy Scout working toward his Star rank. We love every minute of scouting! Keep at it and good luck on the trail to Eagle!

Cath said...

Thanks, Tangerine Girl. So far he is enjoying it and definitely wants to make it to Eagle.