14 May 2007

Mother's Day in other's words

While I didn't have a chance to post anything thoughtful or insightful, I did want to share with you some of the words of wisdom and love I found in celebration of mothers.

Danielle posted a lovely tribute to her mother.

Suzanne shares five things she loves about motherhood -- besides her five wonderful boys. She also shared the way she spent Mother's Day.

Rachel shared her perspective of Mother's Day during the third trimester of her fifth pregnancy. While she is moving a little slowly physically, her writing is as enjoyable as ever.

This year Barbara posted a letter from a friend on her reflections on her daughter with Down syndrome.

Ma Beck shares her thoughts on her first Mother's Day. May she enjoy many more!

Shannon shares a tribute to Helen. Everyone who feels incompetent and incapable as a mother needs to read and reflect on this.

Margaret in Minnesota provides wonderful words and prayers for mothers.

Rosemary remembers her mom.
Angela remembers hers also.

And Carolina Cannonball, who did not have a good day, reflects on not being able to live up to the model of motherhood.

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Margaret in Minnesota said...

Cath, this is so nice! Thank you for including me in your Mother's Day tribute.



PS. You have a lovely blog!