08 August 2007

I'm feelin' hot, Hot, HOT

That was the temperature display in my van this afternoon when we went to the library and the grocery store.

And for Angela in Canada, here it is in degrees Celsius:

The kids and I were very.very.glad to get home!

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Christi said...

What a FUN blog! I enjoyed perusing it tonight. Ahhh, comment moderation. I have joined that crowd thanks to an incredibly ugly comment that prompted my 24 yr old daughter to call her dad who called our 21 yr old son who decided to hack my blog so as to remove it - hoping I would not see it.

Little did they all know that new comments were always emailed to me.

But then my second child, a daughter, left a beautiful comment proving that out of some bad, good must come.

God Bless and thank you for your support.
Christi aka mum2twelve

PS How do you add that play list?