21 August 2007


I've been quiet lately because we have been very busy getting ready for school: meeting the teachers, buying the supplies (why must we be so specific as to require a particular size of Post-it notes, a size which turns out to be Not In Stock?), getting a physical, and today's errand will be driving to Richmond to get a copy of a birth certificate we can't find.

But first this morning Olivia and I stood on the deck together waving goodbye to Daddy when he left for work.

And that is why I am sad. The physical, complete with getting shots updated, and the birth certificate are for Olivia.

Tomorrow she starts Kindergarten.

Tomorrow she will be in Daddy's truck with Allan and Marie.

Tomorrow -- since William will still be asleep -- I will stand alone on the deck waving goodbye to those I love, waiting for them to return home.

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