23 March 2008

The Lord is risen

From the bulletin of Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church:

On Easter, the holiest day of the entire year, and for the entire Octave of Easter, Latin Catholics greet each other with the words of Luke 24:34, “Surrexit Dominus vere, alleluia!” (The Lord is risen indeed!”). The person so greeted responds, “Et apparuit Simoni, alleluia!” (“And hath appeared unto Simon!”). Catholics may even answer their telephones with this greeting. An old Ukrainian legend relates that, after His Resurrection, Christ threw Satan into a deep pit, chaining him with twelve iron chains. When Satan has chewed through each of the twelve chains, the end of the world will come. All year long, the Evil One gnaws at the iron, getting to the last link in the last chain -- but too late, for it is Easter, and when the people cry “Christ is risen!” all of Satan’s efforts are reversed. When the faithful stop saying the Easter acclamation, the end of time has come...


Anna B. said...


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He gently calls us said...

Hi Cath,
Just want to thank you for visiting my website, leaving nice comments, and for nominating my blog for the Cannonball Catholic Blog Awards. I don't really know enough about the ins and outs of blogging to know what it means exactly, but I'm graciously accepting any notice, honor, links, or notoriety which come my way:-)

I'm not so good about leaving comments here and there but I really DO enjoy sharing the beautiful old images with others who appreciate them.

You have a nice blog here too. Thanks again. God bless.
P.S. You might be able to answer a question for me. Is there some security issue I should be concerned about -- like some abuse that identifying the squnched up letters might prevent. I see that now and then on blogs.