07 October 2007

Do I really want to know?

"Do I really want to know" seems to be my catch phrase lately. With four children in the house finding any number of things to do, I hope you can understand the reason.

Dead toad in the rotating spice rack? Do I really want to know why? No. I do not. Just take it and throw it outside, please. And don't bring anymore toads in the house, please. Two days later we had a toad in the house. He wasn't allowed to spend the night. I am a mean mommy some days.

I'm going through a decluttering phase right now along with a rearranging furniture phase. I pulled vases out of a pantry and found one in the back with dried chocolate syrup and a wrapper from a stick of butter. Do I really want to know why? Not particularly. However, we will be having a discussion about proper vessels for making chocolate milk and the fact that the recipe for said chocolate milk is milk and chocolate syrup. No butter required.

Here's to hoping not to using the phrase for the rest of today!

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