02 June 2008


by The 10 year old (brought home among his end of year papers)

Blue is the color of rain water
It's the color of a tranquil sea
Blue's the color of a bubbling spring of hope
It's a downpour of sadness
It's a frozen inlet of a boy's dreams
Blue's a crystal rapid of joy
Blue's a water lily in the early morning
It's a forest mist
It's a thousand little pieces of sea glass
It's a raging sea of anger
Blue's a harbor of defeat
It's an everlasting string of sky
Blue's a seaport of fear
It's a simple bay of reflection


Soutenus said...

Wow! That's a keeper.
10? Did I say, "Wow?"

Bia said...

Thanks for visiting . . . it's nice to meet you!

Since I am a former English teacher I am really impressed with your son's poem. It's very well done . . . I love the contrasts of blue being a "bubbling spring of hope" and a "raging sea of anger".

Are you going to frame this?

Cath said...

Thank you, Soutenus and Bia.

Yes, this is getting framed. This was written by the child who has struggled with school work. I am so proud of him and so impressed by just how beautifully he expressed himself.