01 February 2008

Maybe if you hum a few bars

One of my new favorite bloggers (that's you, Soutenus!) recently posted about an upcoming total lunar eclipse on 20 February. To celebrate, she and her students are having a moon song contest. They want to know:
"How many songs can you think of that have the word "moon" in them (not just the title but in any part of the lyrics)?"
I've come up with a couple and have some more trying to work their way out of my subconscious. If you know of any, head over and suggest them.


Cath said...

Two to get you going: I Only Have Eyes for You and Moon Over Miami (and another song by the same name)

Soutenus said...

Cath, what a nice thing to post! I am amazed at the moon songs to date. It really is fun, isn't it?!! :-)
And, of course, I hope this encourages my kids to enjoy preparing for the lunar eclipse.