16 January 2008

What's going on here

This is what the kitchen table looked like in November when the products sold by the family's Webelos scout (popcorn and peanuts) and Brownie (candy and nuts) came in for delivery.

Webelos end of the table

Brownie end of the table

I was thinking about this because it is Girl Scout cookie time and I am wondering what the table will look like next month when the first orders come in -- especially since Marie set a goal of selling 250 boxes.


entropy said...

Yikes! I do love those mint girl scout cookies though!

Cath said...

Me, too. Seems a lot of people do -- at the meeting for parents we were told Girl Scouts sell more Thin Mints in the three months they are available than Nabisco sells Oreos in a year. Caramel deLites are also good.

I need to walk with her around the neighborhood tonight and tomorrow so she can get some more orders. Her troop got a late start so she has a lot of work to do if she is going to meet her goal.